Our approach is aligned with the objectives of WHO’s Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Digital Dispensary

Solution offering multiple opportunities.

The solution of a Digital Dispensary allows the simplification of access to patient care, through the use of integrated telemedicine connected diagnostic tools, all supported by differential diagnosis software aiding doctors with the standard treatment protocol and reducing treatment error.

This proven process-driven approach aligned with the objectives of WHO’s Universal Health Coverage (UHC) has an impact on digital health strategies on improving health related outcomes such as improved knowledge and behaviors, utilization of services, electronic service records, health workforce training, monitoring and performance feedback, performance of service provider, and timeliness of healthcare delivery.

  • Data Source (Patient environment and population)
  • Data Acquisition (Digital Dispensary)
  • Data Processing and Storage (Cloud Computing)
  • Data Analysis (By Healthcare Providers)

For Private Sector Healthcare Providers

1. Increase consulting capacity with moderate implementation and operating costs.

2. Expand the recruitment pool of an existing health facility, through the possibility to refer patients to the main structure from the clinic.

3. Create a place of medical attraction by positioning oneself in the places deprived of complete offers of quality services.

For Public Sector Healthcare Providers

1. Deployment capacity to meet the challenge of access to care nationwide.

2. Promote the acquisition and dissemination of good practices through the use of international protocols (training of professionals). Anchorage point for sorting and orienting patients.

3. Numerous possible innovations in terms of integration with the training of health professionals (collaboration with external structures, consultation platform in universities, training on real cases).

How does a Digital Dispensary work

What is Digital Dispensary?

A proven innovative and process-driven approach in a brick and mortar dispensary powered by a smart portable box assembled with off-the-shelf diagnostic equipment, electronic recording of information, and implanted with a custom written algorithmic software for interpretation (Differential diagnosis software aiding doctors with the standard treatment protocol and reducing treatment error). The box is connected to an automatic dispenser calibrated to dispense prescribed medicines by the doctor.

How long does a consultation last?

A Digital Dispensary can take care of 40 patients a day, or nearly 1000 patients per month. The consultation time varies from 10 to 45 minutes (depending on the doctor’s blood tests performed on site).

What are the components?

Litmus MX – Litmus MX is an IoT device for real time medical data acquisition, providing complete primary and emergency healthcare including tests, investigations, diagnosis, patient information gathering, health record management and consultation through a centralized digital platform.

Litmus DX – Litmus DX is a clinical decision support system that provides end-to-end diagnostic and therapeutic tools to physicians. Acting as a comprehensive doctor’s super-hero suite, LitmusDX has a quick turnaround time ensuring reduction of medical errors, making healthcare fast, safe & reliable. It is Cloud-based, regularly updated, and crossed-checked.
Litmus RX – Litmus RX is an electronically controlled medicine dispensing device scalable up to 120 SKUs. Medicines prescribed by the doctors are automatically dispensed by the machine nullifying any and every human errors.