African Medical Solutions

Transforming access to healthcare for all in Africa.

AMS is a social impact platform dedicated to empower the African health sector with innovative solutions to provide large-scale access to affordable and accountable healthcare services for the underserved population.

AMS provides digital health strategies and technology services to private and public healthcare providers, including some of the leading large private clinics in West Africa. Our work ensures the traceability and the collection of data for a global approach in the integration of solutions taking into account all aspects (medical, technical, training, logistics).

AMS is proud to be part of the enablers of social impact applying innovative solutions designed to expand access to healthcare and improve the well-being of people in Africa.

African Medical Solutions (AMS) responds to the healthcare needs of the African underserved population by delivering innovative and scalable solutions adapted to the African environment.



We focus on the underserved population living in partly urban and rural areas.

Our Vision

An Africa in which everyone has access to affordable primary health care.

Our Mission

Provide large-scale access and affordable health services to underserved people in Africa through innovative and integrated digital health solutions.



  • Ensure the quality and safety of care
  • Ensure the traceability and the collection of data for a global approach in the integration of solutions taking into account all aspects (medical, technical, training, logistics)
  • Support integration in the implementation of innovative solutions
  • Develop cooperation, coordination, creation of synergy with other private and public actors of the sector

What We Do

Digital Health Strategies Program Management

  • Digital Health Strategies Management Services
  • Assessment of National Health System/Private Health Providers
  • Program Design, Development and Management

Digital Dispensary Installation and Support Services

  • Installation, integration and maintenance of LITMUS MX, LITMUS RX and LITMUS DX-Hellolyf software (m-health)
  • Telemedicine services, computerization of medical health records, technical support

Human Resources Training in Digital Health Management

  • Digital Health Training of healthcare professionals
  • Information and Communication Technology Training

Our Advisory Board

Leadership and Expertise

AMS Advisory Board

The AMS Advisory Board includes leaders and experts in the areas of global and public health with proven experience in translating evidence and political will into authoritative public agreement and interventions. AMS Board Members have had direct impact on global and national health systems, including the delivery of medical care and public health services.


AMS Advisory Board

The mission of the AMS Advisory Board is to support AMS in its policy analysis on national, regional and global digital health strategies and integration of scientific knowledge and global evidence, advising on decision making and action, providing insight on policies and processes that impact population health, all with an emphasis to underserved populations and development.

Let's partner together to make a sustained impact.