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Mali: interview with Michel Hamala Sidibé

After almost a decade in UNAIDS Executive Directorate, Michel Sidibé was appointed Minister of Health in Mali last May. A true defender of social justice, Michel Sidibé is now fully committed to improving the health situation in Mali. Interview. 54 ÉTATS: Could you...

Report: Telemedicine in Africa

Cheick Oumar Bagayoko, MD, PhD, a pioneer of medicine 2.0 in Mali. Cheick Oumar Bagayoko, a specialist in biomedical and health informatics, and general director of the Center for Expertise and Research in Telemedicine and e-Health (CERTES), is the international...

Odisha goes the digital way to provide healthcare to remote villages

With a view to provide healthcare to people in remote areas where people cannot access doctors  especially for minor ailments,the State government has taken the digital route to bring the services of an MBBS doctor and primary healthcare to the doorsteps of the...

Leveraging the private health sector to expand the HIV/AIDS workforce

Donor support for health workers has been instrumental in the progress against HIV/AIDS. These health workers are essential for achieving epidemic control, and will continue to play an important role as countries shift to maintaining control of the epidemic. However,...

Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Health in Africa

Digital health can provide beneficial applications in many different areas of health systems and can facilitate an urgently needed transformation of health care delivery.

Digital Health Ecosystem

A Digital Health Ecosystem is the holistic application of information and communication technologies to support and improve health care delivery, its coordination and integration across providers in a given domain (local, district, national, regional).

Digital health has the potential to considerably reduce costs from the health care ecosystem, transform health care delivery, and empower patients and health care providers.

We help solve the problem of access to affordable primary healthcare services in West Africa.

Existing digital technologies can play a vital role in improving patient safety, training health care professionals and empowering patients and families.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Director-General, WHO