Cheick Oumar Bagayoko, MD, PhD, a pioneer of medicine 2.0 in Mali.

Cheick Oumar Bagayoko, a specialist in biomedical and health informatics, and general director of the Center for Expertise and Research in Telemedicine and e-Health (CERTES), is the international coordinator of the Network for Francophone Africa for Telemedicine (RAFT) which brings together 18 country. Prof. Bagayoko has launched the “Bogou” tele-expertise application, which allows doctors and nurses working in remote areas to interact with specialist doctors through a secure platform.

Cheick Oumar Bagayoko is Senior Lecturer in Medical Informatics at the University of Science, Technology and Technology in Bamako, Mali, and General Coordinator of the Network for Francophone Africa for Telemedicine.

Source: TV5 Afrique, Conférence de l’Observatoire de la E-Santé dans les pays du Sud