Abidjan, August 20, 2018 – African Medical Solutions (AMS) announced plans to collaborate with Glocal Healthcare to provide primary health care to masses in West Africa through an affordable, effective and easily adaptable solution—Digital Dispensary—focusing on human resource gaps, and taking advantage of new and effective technologies.

The development of telemedicine solutions based on technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) increasingly practical, appears today essential to the achievement of the objectives of the implementation of universal health coverage.

The solution of a Digital Dispensary allows the simplification of access to patient care, through the use of integrated telemedicine connected diagnostic tools, all supported by differential diagnosis software aiding doctors with the standard treatment protocol and reducing treatment error. This proven process-driven approach aligned with the objectives of WHO’s Universal Health Coverage (UHC) has an impact on digital health strategies on improving health related outcomes such as improved knowledge and behaviors, utilization of services, electronic service records, health workforce training, monitoring and performance feedback, performance of service provider, and timeliness of healthcare delivery.

AMS is working to transform healthcare and help solve the problem of access to affordable primary healthcare services in West Africa. Based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, AMS is collaborating with leading private healthcare providers to help them increase their capacity for consultations with moderate implementation and operating costs. AMS is also collaborating with West African country ministries of health to integrate innovative solutions in support of their strategic national plans for the development of digital health services and telemedicine.

Glocal Healthcare, an Indian integrated healthcare provider, has proven through more than 140 operating digital dispensaries in India, that healthcare can be delivered affordably, everywhere, anytime and with measurable results better than the most expensive healthcare systems.

AMS and Glocal Healthcare formalized a strategic partnership focused on helping our public and private sector clients and stakeholders transform their primary healthcare delivery process through Glocal’s proven digital dispensary solution.

AMS is a Premier Operating Partner in Africa of Glocal’s digital dispensary network. 

African Medical Solutions executive team formalizes partnership with Glocal Healthcare in Kolkata, India (Photo by AMS)

About African Medical Solutions (AMS)

AMS is a social impact platform dedicated to empower the African health sector with innovative solutions to provide large-scale access to affordable and accountable healthcare services for the underserved population. AMS provides digital health strategies and technology services to private and public healthcare providers, including some of the leading large private clinics in West Africa. Our work ensures the traceability and the collection of data for a global approach in the integration of solutions taking into account all aspects (medical, technical, training, logistics). AMS is proud to be part of the enablers of social impact applying innovative solutions designed to expand access to healthcare and improve the well-being of people in Africa.

Please, visit www.afmdsolutions.com to learn more about how AMS works to help transform healthcare services for all in Africa enabled by digital health technologies.